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Promotion and Tenure

Jatinder Bhatia, MBBS, Chairman of the Faculty Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure (FAPT) Committee.


  1. The FAPT Committee shall consist of seven voting members (three basic scientists, three clinical scientists, and a chair) and one non-voting ex-officio member. Each year the Faculty Senate will select, in the manner described below, one basic scientist and one clinical scientist who shall serve for three years. A voting member can serve no more than two consecutive terms. The immediate past chair shall remain on the Committee for one year as an ex-officio.
  2. At least one member serving on the Committee shall have a non-tenure track appointment. Associate and Assistant Deans, Departmental chairpersons, or faculty members below the rank of associate professor will not be eligible to serve on the Committee. At least one member shall be tenured.
  3. During the month of February the Committee on Committees will query faculty as to their interest in serving on the FAPT Committee. From a list generated by this query and with Dean's consent, the Committee on Committees will select a slate of eligible faculty. If a vacancy should occur during the year, the President of the Faculty Senate, in consultation with the Dean, will appoint a faculty member to complete the uncompleted term.
  4. The Committee on Committees will select the Chair of the FAPT Committee on consultation with the Dean. The Chair of the Committee will have served on the Committee the previous year as a voting member and will have at least one year remaining of his/her current term. The committee chair shall be tenured. 


  1. This committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean. It reviews and makes recommendations on all matters regarding faculty promotions or tenure referred to it by the Dean.
  2. The committee shall operate under the existing policies adopted for it by the Faculty Senate.

Committee Membership

Jatinder Bhatia, Pediatrics, Chair, 2012

Yong Park, Neurology, 2012

Malliga Ganapathy, Medicine, 2013

Sylvia Smith, Cellular Biology & Anatomy, 2013

Lin Mei, IMMAG, 2012

Matthew Lyon, Emergency Medicine, 2012

Mark Hamrick, Cellular Biology & Anatomy, 2013

Ron Lewis, Faculty Senate President, Ex-Officio


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